FUMCCG's Cross Connect Mission Trip Launches!

June 11, 2018 | by: Janet Lopez | 0 comments

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2018 FUMCCG Cross Connect Mission Trip Going On Now! 

FUMCCG’s Cross Connect Mission Trip 2018 has returend for the second summer to the Dominican Republic, from June 11 - June 17, 2018. 18 of our dedicated missionaries are serving on the mission trip right now! Stay connected to all the wonderful connections and servcie happening and join in our efforts to do more good in more places!





About Our Cross Connect Mission Trip

Our group of dedicated FUMCCG missionaries, now including Youth members, will once again join with local Methodist partners and others to lead a significant expansion of the Methodist Church-created school Evangelico Dominicano Colegio Mixto (Colegio). Our efforts lead up to facilitating the first-ever Christian graduating class in this neighborhood in 2020!

The Colegio brings vitally important, affordable, Christian-based education to the local community for children in grades Kinder-8 but now finds itself in serious disrepair.

This year’s plans include:

  • Building two additional classrooms on the 2nd floor adjacent to the new classrooms constructed last summer.
  • Building three new classrooms for toddlers on the lower level.
  • Constructing a cistern and pump to bring the water supply up to necessary levels.
  • Completing buildout and equipping of the new Science Lab Refurnishing existing classrooms.
  • Enclosing the basketball court with chain link fence.

Stay up-to-date with all things related to our mission to the Dominican Republic - made possible by your generosity - by also following us on Twitter and Instagram or liking us on Facebook @fumccg! For questions, please contact Rev. Vidalis Lopez at vlopez@fumccg.org, or Jim Morgan at james.morgan@squirepb.com.