2017 FUMCCG Youth Mission Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota Makes Big Difference!

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2017 FUMCCG Youth Mission Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is Here!July2Cover

From July 7-15, 2017, our FUMCCG Youth Group visited South Dakota to serve the Oglala Lakota tribe of Pine Ridge Reservation. While there, our youth mission team is working at The Dream Center, a program that provides life-changing aid, hunger relief, activities, Christian teaching and worship to Lakota children.

Throughout their service, FUMCCG Youth:

  • prepared and serve nutritious meals to Lakota youth
  • built a prayer garden
  • constructed a volleyball court
  • donated musical equipment and toys
  • installed an entire sound system for worship services.

These service projects will make a lasting impact on the daily lives and spiritual growth of Lakota youth, creating a positive environment in the midst of many difficult realities on the reservation.

But this important opportunity could not have happened without the generous support of our FUMCCG family! Your kindness and ongoing support of the youth mission trip, and the various fundraising events leading up to it, have made this loving outreach possible for our 19 students. Equally important, your efforts are contributing to an appreciation for service that can only be garnered through one-on-one experience; and will hopefully serve as a catalyst for a lifetime of generous action and service on behalf of good. Thank you to Miami Music Ministries for donating instruments and musical equipment, and to God for making everything possible.

Please join us in sending prayers, blessings, and good wishes to all involved in this labor of love by posting messages and photos on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, all at the handle @FUMCCG! 

Meet Our Youth Missionaries!

SD MissionTrip

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