FUMCCG "I Am the Change" Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic a Success!

January 3, 2018 | 0 comments

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2017 "I Am the Change" Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic a Success!

"I Am the Change" Mission Trip 2017 from Janet Lopez on Vimeo.


First UMC Coral Gables traveled to the Dominican Republic, from June 13-18, 2017, where our group of dedicated FUMCCG missionaries embarked on a labor of love that will change the lives of countless children and families in the barrios of Santo Domingo Oeste.

While there, our group partnered with local Methodist partners and others to lead a significant expansion of the Methodist Church-created school Evangelico Dominicano Colegio Mixto (Colegio). The Colegio brings vitally important, affordable, Christian-based education to the local community for children in grades Kinder-8 but now finds itself in serious disrepair.

The "I Am the Change" team focused on:

  • construction of two new classrooms
  • installation of a new roof covering existing classrooms
  • refurbishing the school library
  • cosmetic changes to the kindergarten and primary grade classrooms

These incredibly impactful changes will be pivotal in helping children living in a country where less than 30% of school-age children complete the third grade. 

We would like to thank each of our dedicated missionaries for the immense good they did so lovingly. We also want to offer our deepest gratitude to our greathearted family members, who have made this mission possible through your prayers, incredibly generous contributions and volunteering of your time, creativity, and even health kits! We are so very proud of our family and humbled by your grace!

Continue to stay up-to-date with all things related to our mission to the Dominican Republic - made possible by your generosity - by visiting our website at www.fumccg.org/mission-trips, following us on Twitter and Instagram or liking us on Facebook @fumccg!

Meet Our Missionaries!

i am the change


FUMCCG_Mission Trip 2017

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