FUMCCG's Cross Connect Mission Trip a Success

June 25, 2018 | 0 comments

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2018 FUMCCG Cross Connect Mission Trip a Success!

Our dedicated group of missionaries has concluded a very successful mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Thank you to everyone that welcomed us so warmly and partnered with us to make this labor of love a reality! Prayers and blessings to you all.

See pictures below!

2018 Mission Trip: Dominican Republic– Image 1 of 14







About Our Cross Connect Mission Trip

Our group of dedicated FUMCCG missionaries, now including Youth members, will once again joined with local Methodist partners and others to lead a significant expansion of the Methodist Church-created school Evangelico Dominicano Colegio Mixto (Colegio). Our efforts lead up to facilitating the first-ever Christian graduating class in this neighborhood in 2020!

The Colegio brings vitally important, affordable, Christian-based education to the local community for children in grades Kinder-8 but now finds itself in serious disrepair.

This year’s plans included:

  • Building two additional classrooms on the 2nd floor adjacent to the new classrooms constructed last summer.
  • Building three new classrooms for toddlers on the lower level.
  • Constructing a cistern and pump to bring the water supply up to necessary levels.
  • Completing buildout and equipping of the new Science Lab Refurnishing existing classrooms.
  • Enclosing the basketball court with chain link fence.


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