Youth Ministry and Programs at First UMC Coral Gables



Our youth-student program strives to ensure your safety so that our time together is all about connecting and developing real friendships. 

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Taking a Great Leap of Faith Forward! 2018 Confirmation Classes Have Successfully Concluded

IMG_5725Congratulations to all of our confirmands who have decided to affirm their Christian faith! Confirmation marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the lives of these special young adults, as well as ours as their family members, and we are honored to walk beside them in their faith journey! 




We proudly announce the 2018 FUMCCG Confirmands:

  • Samantha Conrad
  • Lea Graham
  • Lucas Graham
  • Tia Horman
  • Unnas JeanPierre
  • Isabel Lopez
  • Kennan McLaughlin
  • Matthew Savage
  • Nicole Savage
  • Isabella Rios
  • Alec Trillo

See the 2018 Confirmation Tribute Video below!


Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our Youth members' Confirmation on Sunday, May 20!  Remember to join us again on June 3, at the 11:00 a.m. Latin American Bilingual Service in Founders Hall!


Ready to take your own leap of faith or know someone that is? Confirmation Series 2019 takes place Sunday, March 10, 2019 through May 5th 2019, for 8 weeks, meeting once a week. Register online and commit to something that truly matters! Your life matters to us!


A Look Back: Putting All the Pieces Together: Confirmation Conclusion Celebration Held at The Great Escape Room

     IMG_6025     IMG_6011

     IMG_6002    IMG_5981 

Confirmation Class Held at BurgerFi + Acolyte Training!

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     IMG_5814     IMG_5801

     IMG_5795     IMG_5807

     IMG_5805     IMG_5802






2018 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic: Youth 

33724554325_9f859d86d8_oFUMCCG invites our Youth family members to join us on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic from June 11 - June 17, 2018. To build on last year's efforts to spread God's love and compassion, we need 10 youth (grades 9-12) volunteers. For the first time, our Youth will have a chance to connect one-on-one on a spiritual and personal level with their Dominican counterparts, and join us in building and furnishing 5 classrooms among other efforts - all leading up to the first-ever Christian graduating class in this neighborhood in 2020!

For questions and to submit your forms, please contact Rev. Vidalis Lopez at; or Jim Morgan at



Project Panorama Concludes with Smiles and Enduring Friendships!

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         IMG_5590  IMG_5593








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